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Rejuvenation with NovaSkin cream

You can buy NovaSkin cream in Bulgaria on the official website of the manufacturer. With its help, you can quickly regain lost youth and light with beauty and health. If you want to order a product with a price of leva 89 as much as possible, leave your personal data on your personal profile on our website. Our specialists will contact you shortly. Thanks for the promotional offer, NovaSkin cream is sold with a 50%discount, get it quickly before the offer ends!

NovaSkin cream - better than botox!

Novaskin’s unique and powerful formula is specially formulated to improve the appearance and structure of dry and damaged skin. The face cream effectively protects from wrinkles, moisturizes and tightens the skin. Facial skin rejuvenation is achieved through the following factors:

Novaskin’s specially patented face cream is innovative and natural at the same time. Cream contains 7 times more vitamins and minerals than similar products. The innovative formula overcomes the problem of mature skin. The preparation is enriched with vitamins and minerals that fight aging. The cream does not leave a yellowish color, the skin receives all the necessary nutrients, while maintaining its natural color.

The main cause of wrinkles

Insufficient hydration. Even very oily skin needs daily nutrition and moisturizing with specially selected products.

Use of tinting agents. The base, powder and concealer block the sebaceous gland ducts. This causes dry, flaky and aging skin.

Low quality cosmetics. Many cosmetic companies prefer low -quality materials that contain harmful substances such as parabens, sulfates and petroleum products. They block the flow of nutrients to the epidermal layer and greatly dry out the skin, which inevitably causes wrinkles to appear.

Visit to the solarium. Ultraviolet rays are the most dangerous enemy of the skin. They block the production of natural collagen and elastin, drain the epidermis and promote deep wrinkles.

How does NovaSkin anti-wrinkle cream work?

The cream contains a complex of vitamins and minerals that counteract the changes associated with skin aging. Hyaluronic acid smoothes wrinkles, regenerates and moisturizes, natural collagen provides a long -lasting effect, tightens and tightens the skin, magnesium eliminates age -related pigmentation, and vitamin C normalizes blood circulation and cleanses the skin of toxins. Skin stays fresh for years to come! In combination with biocomponents, they can penetrate into the inner layers of the epidermis and smooth out wrinkles from within. Over time, your skin not only improves, but also begins to produce collagen and elastin, proteins responsible for youthful skin. NovaSkin - the best solution for age -related changes. Get rid of all types of wrinkles in just 28 days!

Bulgaria imports NovaSkin cream throughout the production period due to increased consumer demand, its distribution form is 50 ml tube. Order NovaSkin anti-wrinkle cream now with delivery to any area! Discounts apply!

Scientists have developed a new anti-wrinkle cosmetic product called Novaskin, which can quickly and effectively address the problems associated with skin aging. The composition of 100% natural origin, restores, moisturizes and tightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles. For the first time, everyone loves to take care of their skin! NovaSkin cream has passed all clinical trials and is recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Skin looks smoother, brighter and healthier!

The effect of NovaSkin in a study of 1, 500 people aged 30 to 65 years
Skin rejuvenation for 2-4 years thirteen%
Skin rejuvenation for 5-7 years eighteen%
Skin rejuvenation for 8-11 years 69%

The advantages of cream

The composition of the preparation

NovaSkin anti-wrinkle cream is a unique drug that cannot be bought in pharmacies in Bulgaria. You can order it only on the official website with the manufacturer's price of leva 89 — find out the cost in other countries.

Doctor's review

Doctor Dermatologist Георги Георги
23 years old
Modern procedures for rejuvenation give good results, but in most cases there are many side effects: edema, allergic reactions, pinched nerves, atrophy of facial muscles and others. All of this is due to the misuse of injections. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this problem will not arise. It is safer to use the same components for external use. NovaSkin cream is my favorite among anti-aging creams in Bulgaria. Naturally natural, hypoallergenic, gives excellent results in 3-4 weeks of use